ID Logistics is a warehousing specialist; we focus on all activities within the 4 walls of our warehouses for our customers. This focus enables us to be specialised in the processes, systems and innovations related to inbound, outbound, storage, VAS/VAL, customs, 4PL transportmanagement, Carrier Management solutions etc.


ID Logistics Benelux currently operates 9 warehouses in the Benelux; 7 in the Netherlands and 2 in Belgium. We manage 380.000 m2 of warehouse space with 1.300 employees.


ID Logistics has all the expertise in house to offer our current and potential new customers high-end innovative logistics solutions which includes automation and robotization. Innovation is part of the DNA of ID Logistics which enables our customers to work together with the newest innovations. For example,


ID Logistics Benelux is an organisation which is created in 2001 in the South Of France by our current owner, Eric Hémar. His entrepreneurial spirit in the start-up phase beginning of this century is still going strong nowadays. As one of the Groups country organisations we are able to act independently and act fast, agile and flexible. Our energy and willingness to move forward enables our customers to manage their Supply Chain in the most optimal way.


We strongly focus on Food Retail, Retail, FMCG & e-Commerce, all markets who are in direct contact with the consumers. This environment is changing rapidly and we are able to help our customers being more flexible, scalable and closer to their end-customers. We have all the knowledge in house to deliver the best possible performance in delivering to stores, consumers, market places, dark stores etc.