Our environmental commitments

Reducing the environmental impact of our activities

Our goal: ensure the sustainability of our activities by conserving resources and reducing the impact on the environment

We are all affected by the stakes connected to climate change. Which is why our Group is taking action around the world through substantial investments, innovative processes and everyday efforts to help make logistics and transport activities more sustainable.

Reducing our carbon footprint and energy intensity

Big ambitions and exemplary reductions across all our activities

We are taking action in our warehouses by limiting energy consumption and rethinking our equipment. We have equipped our sites with renewable energy production solutions, launched a vast programme to replace lighting with LED solutions, and installed Lithium Ion batteries to reduce electricity consumption and improve reliability.
We also favour multimodal solutions: our IDEO control unit, dedicated to the control of European flows, manages more than 1,500 block trains per year (avoiding 60,000 trucks on the roads). Through our transport agencies and our subsidiary Froidcombi, we also operate more than 11,000 road-rail box trips per year.
Finally, we have developed a strong expertise in alternative motorisation (CNG, LNG or electric).

Reducing and recycling our waste

Our goal: recover 85% of our waste

We have fully incorporated the processing of the waste we generate into our activity. Several concrete measures have been implemented to make this possible:

  • Improving waste sorting thanks to our continuous improvement programme IDeLiver, one of the components of which is centred on improving the sorting process. This entails increased staff awareness, the installation of waste collection bins, and investment in compactors
  • Conducting regular audits of our processes to monitor the effectiveness of the actions put in place and improve them where necessary
  • Reviewing opportunities for recycling or reuse when a waste category reaches a sufficient volume

Reducing waste generated at customer sites

Reducing the waste generated at customer sites is one of our environmental responsibilities

We put in place effective actions alongside our customers, such as:

  • Reusing boxes received for new shipments
  • Using packing machines capable of producing bespoke boxes or digital tools that recommend the appropriate box size
  • Selecting mechanised solutions to adjust and significantly reduce the quantity of plastic used
  • Replacing, wherever possible, plastic bubble wrap with paper solutions or cardboard offcuts

Ensemble + Responsables

An ambitious, high-impact environmental programme in cooperation with our customers

In 2021, we launched the programme “Ensemble+Responsables”. The initiative encourages our sites to work with our customers on CSR topics like zero-plastic warehouses, zero-waste warehouses and energy efficiency, and to set out a road map leading to concrete results.