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Forklift driver

Do you want to reach new heights?

We work to make your job safer and more satisfying day after day. Expand your experience and skills by becoming an expert in our innovations.

Forklift operator in an ID Logistics warehouse.


Dorian, Forklift operator

I’ve been working for the Group for two years, first as a temporary employee for about eight months, then I was hired on a permanent basis.

I started as an order picker, then I told my boss that I wanted to become a forklift operator.
I didn’t have the CACES 5, but my employer financed it, which enabled me to take a job that became available.
Despite my new job, I don’t hesitate to do some preparation work when my managers ask me to do so, to avoid delivering to customers late.

At ID Logistics I like the high standards and operational excellence because I like to do a good job and I am naturally demanding with myself. I like the fast pace of work and the family atmosphere with the employees.

For me, the Performance Corner is a communication tool between middle management and employees. It allows us to improve.
My typical day is :

  • Arrive at 1.30 pm and attend the briefing before the day starts
  • I put on my PPE and check my trolley
  • The day can begin!

Joining ID Logisics means joining a Group where there are many opportunities for development and where many managers come from the field. When you are serious, the company gives you a chance.

Truck driver ID Logistics working.

Handler, Operator

Don't like to stay in one place?

Looking for a job that lets you work in a team? Want to take control of your career and work with the latest innovations we constantly develop? Join our operations teams at over 365 warehouses and 17 countries worldwide!

Forklift operator in a warehouse.


Emilie, Multi-skilled logistics agent

After a Baccalauréat ES, I worked in the telephone industry before joining ID Logisitics.
I really like logistics because it allows me to move around, to work in a team, to set myself objectives and to challenge myself.
Here, the day is well organised, everyone has their place, you feel safe
There is a great deal of solidarity between colleagues, always united, always helping each other, we motivate each other. There is also a lot of listening: with the hierarchy when we have a problem, people are attentive to the changes, they notice when we are unhappy and we can discuss.
My typical day is :

  • I arrive, I do the briefing, I take my C6 (except when I’m in the pack), I take my scan, I turn on and check my trolley
  • I say hello to everyone: colleagues and management
  • We do the muscle warm-up
  • I take my shift and give it my best shot

ID Logistics gives everyone a chance. I didn’t have any CACES when I arrived, but I was trained. There are opportunities for advancement, and I have become a trainer for picking for new employees.

ID Logistics employee at work.

Team leader

Great at management?

Being responsible for the activity of a team and its well-being means that you act as the guarantor for achieving the objectives set with the customer. Like challenges, being creative and building your skills? Join us!

Briefing of ID Logistics employees.

Inventory Clerk & Stock Manager

Not afraid of figures?

Stock management is vital when it comes to optimising goods flows. You are responsible for your warehouse’s tracking indicators. Thanks to our innovations and continuous improvement process, we help you achieve your professional goals.

ID Logistics employee scanning a barcode.

Flow Manager

Do you like being the band master of your life?

Launch pick waves at our mechanised sites and assign the teams to ensure smooth supply chain operation. Anticipate, be organised and be creative to make sure we fulfil our commitments to our customers.

ID Logistics employee writing.

Operations Manager & Site Manager

Do you want to manage the supply chain?

You act as the guarantor of the performance of your site and the well-being and safety of your teams. You develop continuous improvement plans and ensure good customer relations.

ID Logistics employee at her office.

Road transport driver

Do you have a sense of adventure?

Do you like travelling the world and have an in-built compass? Join our team of short- or long-haul road transport drivers. You ensure the integrity and smooth delivery of goods behind the wheel of an articulated lorry or straight truck.

ID Logistics driver in his truck.

Delivery driver

Do you have a smile for every delivery?

The home delivery sector is booming. A host of opportunities await in this vital role in the e-commerce value chain that brings you into direct contact with end customers.

Colisweb employee during a delivery.

Health & Safety

Are you a naturally caring person?

The health and safety of our employees is crucial part of our identity. You will implement the Group’s Health & Safety policy and spearhead proposals to achieve our common goals.

Two ID Logistics employees with masks.


Pauline, QHSE Coordinator

With a Bachelor’s degree in Quality, Health, Safety and Environment, I joined ID Logistics in November 2016 as a QHSE Coordinator and I am fortunate to be able to take on a student this year.

I have been able to take advantage of all the internal training courses related to my position, in particular the Internal Auditor training, which is particularly important to me as it allows me to carry out an average of 2 internal audits per year.

Of the Group’s four values, these are the demanding standards in which I find myself the most.
I personally impose it on myself in my work and it is essential to meet the Group’s objectives, particularly in terms of safety,

My number one objective is to guarantee the safety of our employees, and this is achieved through a high level of standards and the Performance Corner, which is a place for exchanging and sharing information. It’s a very good communication tool

Joining ID Logistics means joining a Group with strong values.

QHSE ID Logistics collaborator in a warehouse.

Support functions

Would you like to implement the strategy of a committed Group?

Design offices, innovation, R&D… our teams are here to support our operations staff with all their projects. Whether mechanisation or engineering, be part of the success of our logistics and transport activities. If you’re looking to build your skills in a responsible company, you’ve come to the right place.

ID Logistics employee at her desk.


Charlotte, Strategic Project Manager Development & Innovation

Joining ID Logistics has given me the opportunity to work in a dynamic international environment with a wide variety of assignments.

During my integration, I visited many sites, which allowed me to discover the world of logistics, which I was not familiar with. Each of the site managers gave me a detailed presentation of their site’s activity and took the time to answer all my questions.

I particularly identify with the values :

  • solidarity, because mutual aid between colleagues is a reality, whatever the department or country.
  • entrepreneurship, with the possibility of being a driving force and contributing to a wide variety of projects.

My days are never the same; I can spend them talking to R&D engineers about drafting a commercial offer, creating presentations with other departments to facilitate the work of teams around the world, conducting a study for a strategic project of the group, supervising the progress of the creation of a video by a partner…

One thing is for sure at ID Logistics, things are moving! The company is full of projects and initiatives, and you have the opportunity to participate in them even if it is not part of your “job description”.

Picture of Charlotte Desmidt

Work-study training, work placement & international internships

Want to gain experience in the professions of the future?

We have put in place a training policy for all our business lines: logistics, transport, and support functions. Join a Group established in 17 countries that believes that work-study training is an opportunity to identify and nurture tomorrow’s talents.

ID Logistics employee at her desk.

Arthur, Innovation project manager


“At ID Logistics everything is possible. Opportunities are everywhere, and within the Group, you are able to evolve..”