Global pure player in contract logistics

Contract logistics

We design global solutions tailored to each of your projects

  • Optimise your costs
  • Speed up your flows
  • Deliver high-quality service
  • Support your growth and international development
  • Achieve ambitious CSR targets together


Our expertise and process have already won over a large number of leading players in their sectors

  • Bespoke solutions based on an in-depth study of your needs and our knowledge of your operational issues
  • A flexible, agile and scalable methodology
  • A systematic continuous improvement approach for concrete commitments, progress plans and sustainable collaboration
  • The capacity to deploy solutions at your different sites designed specially for you with the same level of quality and performance

Omnichannel distribution

We guarantee optimal management of your distribution channels and e-commerce flows

  • Specific human resources strategies, digital training tools and automated solutions to handle fluctuations and activities spikes
  • Cutting-edge order packaging technologies for a successful end customer experience
  • Steering tools to:
    – Manage resources, guarantee lead times and improve the NPS (Net Promoter Score)
    – Manage hundreds of thousands of references at our fulfillment centres
    – Manage reverse logistics (returns and repackaging)
    – Manage second life activities

Site automation

We are experts in the latest mechanisation, automation and robotisation solutions and innovations

  • Deployment of solutions tailored to your needs
    • High-speed automated sorting systems
    • Load transfer, gripper and packing robots to optimise workstation ergonomics and working conditions for our employees
    • Automated goods-to-person solutions (shuttles, miniloads) to improve preparation ergonomics, densify storage and increase production capacity
    • High mast stacker cranes for pallet storage
  • The ability to connect, interoperate and steer systems via entirely digital processes and interfaces
  • Expertise in transformation projects, including on high-growth sites, and the capacity to upgrade technological solutions as your activities mature

Supply chain optimisation

We optimise your supply chain as part of a continuous innovation process, incorporating your CSR challenges

  • Optimal definition of your logistics networks based on your flows
  • Integration of distribution and lead time constraints
  • Definition of optimal route-to-market
  • Optimisation of BCPs (Business Continuity Plans) contingency plans
  • Reduction of the carbon impact in your supply chain maps
  • Sector-based benchmarks for logistics plans


We provide packaging solutions for your products as well as a vast array of other value-added services.

  • Bespoke packaging solutions for your products to adapt your offer while complying with changing regulatory requirements
  • An end-to-end approach to design packaging processes based on an industrial model in order to reduce cycle times between production and the end customer
  • An agile and flexible operating model, designed to adapt to fluctuations in volumes while optimising distribution, packaging and transport costs
  • A full range of value-added services including:
    – Design, manufacture, assembly and filling of display units
    – Kitting
    – Labelling
    – Sampling
    – Customisation
    – Repackaging
Machine in a warehouse.

Property solutions

We design and develop bespoke logistics campuses that meet social and environmental challenges

  • Projects designed in collaboration with our customers and the local community based on the highest global environmental standards
  • Custom developed, our platforms are entirely geared to your needs
  • Safety, energy efficiency and optimised waste management are just some of the areas in which we constantly innovate
  • Flows are organised in collaboration with our transport experts and optimised throughout the life cycle of your platform
  • As a designer and operator, our specialised FID entity guarantees our commitments over the long term and provides you with access to the best land