Instilling a culture of innovation on a daily basis

Our innovation approach

A customer-centred approach

The goal of our innovation approach is to optimise the organisation, costs and eco-performance of logistics operations. It covers not only tools and processes but also new services. It is also a powerful management tool that brings teams together.

Our innovation culture

Identify, develop and deploy forward-thinking projects

At ID Logistics, innovation is cultivated first and foremost in situ, where agility and pro-activity make the difference. To achieve this, the Group emphasises the added value that technology can bring, without neglecting the importance of know-how and change management.

ID Logistics employee testing virtual reality.

A dedicated structure

Agile organisation to deploy disruptive projects

Our innovation team is supported by experts from our different departments (robotics, mechanisation, IT and operations) in order to develop large-scale projects tailored to the needs of each of our countries and our customers.

Logo ID Logistics Innovation Campus.

A collaborative approach

A participatory approach to foster the creation and realisation of innovation projects

Our innovation challenges and programmes (Kings of Innovation, Innovation Games, Roboost Programme) foster collective competitiveness within our operational teams on a global level. These competitions generate new ideas based on real issues in situ while ensuring pragmatic and efficient deployment of the most promising innovations.

ID Logistics employees writing on a board.

Our challenges

Our challenges

Kings of



The Factory

Our innovation competitions and programmes

Discover how our international competitions encourage the design and dissemination of our innovations year after year. An approach backed by our specific programmes focused on promising new technologies in our business sectors.

Eric Hémar presenting the Innovation Kings Cup to an employee.

Our idea-generating competition

A competition involving all of our countries so as to catalyse the emergence of new projects. The most relevant projects are selected by our operations managers for large-scale roll-out.
Key figures:
120+ innovative projects presented at each edition of the challenge
1,200+ operations managers take part in the project selection

Our replication competition

Complementary to the Innovation Kings, this competition aims to capitalise on the approved innovative projects by replicating them wherever they can be of benefit to operations.
Key figures:
– around 700 innovations replicated on a global level
– 3 projects rolled out per site on average

An innovation that allows fast and safe unloading of trucks.

Our robotics programme

Roboost is one of our flagship programmes. Its goal is to deploy robotisation wherever it optimises operations or ergonomics.
Led by all of our countries, this programme focuses on the following solutions:
– ‘Goods-to-Person’ preparation
– ‘Robots-to-Goods’ preparation
– Service robots (cleaning, stock management)
– Storage and conveying
– Robotic arms
– Packing

ID Logistics employee in a warehouse at shift 4.

Our intrapreneurial serious game

The Factory competition is based on one of the company’s core values: entrepreneurship. It allows our employees to develop a start-up within ID Logistics through a serious game. 18 multi-disciplinary teams from our different countries take part in the competition to create new services and tools.

Innovation robot inventory Astrid.