icon_quote-left_white_20 In a unique management model, our passionate and committed teams are the driving force of your operational excellence and Supply Chain transformation. icon_quote-right_white_20

Emmanuel GUERIN

IDEO General Manager

Multi-client structure to manage supply chain operations

IDEO works as a partner with its clients and helps deliver operational excellence while creating value through the following areas :

icon_arrow-right_orange_15 Management and coordination of road transport flows,

icon_arrow-right_orange_15 Management and coordination of rail and multimodal flows,

icon_arrow-right_orange_15 Management and coordination of third party distribution centres,

icon_arrow-right_orange_15 Supply chain coordination and optimization (Network/ Transport/ Warehouses),

icon_arrow-right_orange_15 Purchasing and procurement consulting,

icon_arrow-right_orange_15 Projects and Innovation.

Our values

Based near Lyon in France and developed by ID Logistics group as an independent structure, IDEO proposes an efficient, collaborative and open approach to bring a genuine added value of transformation and innovation, beyond day to day execution.

Our offer and model is defined by agility and start-up spirit, which allows us to respond quickly and in a bespoke way to the needs of our customers.

Key elements …

Composed of around 50 experts, IDEO manages more than 170 000 transport orders for an equivalent of 5 million pallets a year. The management and execution of these logistics flows cover 10 factories and 26 warehouses in Europe, with more than 200 hauliers, 4 rail companies (1 500 full train per year) and 12 different logistic providers.

Our strenghts

icon_check-box_orange_20 INDEPENDENCE

IDEO does not have its own resources, but works with several hundred carriers to offer its customers the most optimal solution in term of cost, service, environment and social impact with total independence.

icon_check-box_orange_20 MUTUALIZATION

The multi-client organization enables us to pool resources, practices and expertise while taking advantage of flows synergies.

icon_check-box_orange_20 COMPETENCES

We have a range of different expertise which complements one another and makes IDEO a true operational and tactical control tower of transport and logistics activities.

icon_check-box_orange_20 FLEXIBILITY

The flexibility of IDEO’s structure and tools makes it possible to respond quickly and individually to the requirements of its clients.

icon_check-box_orange_20 INNOVATION

The innovation department, which is backed by an ecosystem of partners, complete IDEO’s offer and enable us to deliver a multitude ideas and concrete solutions that break through the market.