As a player in the logistics chain and a responsible company, ID Logistics pays particularly close attention to the carbon footprint of its activities.

ID Logistics is actively involved in the development of the new engines. We have been operating with Hybrid vehicles since 2012 and Gaz since 2014. Today 37% of the ID Logistics fleet in France is equipped with an alternative motorization (Hybrid, CNG or LNG).


ID Logistics is also a key player in the shift to other forms of transport. An integrated rail-road solution has been introduced, operating mobile transport containers via subsidiary FROID COMBI. In the space of more than 10 years, it has developed expertise in “piggyback transport”, offering three south-north domestic links. Around 10% of flows handled by ID Logistics are by rail.

    • All drivers are trained in environmentally-friendly driving.
      The consumption of each vehicle is monitored, primarily by means of on-board computers.
      Discrepancies are analysed in order to be able to provide necessary and useful corrective measures.


    • The company signed up to the ADEME charter in 2012. Its signing was renewed for the fourth time in June 2019.


    • Of the remaining vehicles, 97% of motorization are Euro VI.

Lastly, at the start of 2015, ID Logistics launched IDEO, a specialist subsidiary in the management of European logistics flows in collaboration with major consumer goods manufacturers. The subsidiary runs more than 1,500 block trains each year which cover all of Europe, thereby avoiding 60,000 trucks on the roads.

Lastly, the group invests each year in dedicated transportation control IT systems in order to reduce wasted mileage for customers.