Since it was founded, ID Logistics has implemented an active policy of promotion and internal mobility with the creation of a complete career management system. This is accompanied by a mobility charter drawn up with employee representative partners.

The quality of dialogue with employees is a priority that is reflected primarily by the signing of numerous agreements with the aim of positively developing the collective status of our employees.

For example, the company is proud of offering all employees and their families high quality health insurance with full payment of the first level of guarantees.

At all of the group’s subsidiaries, management practices – like the industry framework – are centred around the group’s four core values. They are conveyed at all levels of the group’s hierarchy.

Each employee is paid on the basis of clear and shared targets with a view towards constantly striving for customer satisfaction and observance of the group’s values. The individual portion of remuneration should be as high as possible.

Joining ID Logistics means joining a fast-growing organisation that offers numerous opportunities for professional development within the framework of the training programme and tailored support measures, both in France and abroad.