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Live Warehouse

The application displays real-time performance indicators on the picking process and indicates the location and instant productivity of order pickers.

Smart Energy Storage System

This energy storage unit is connected to solar panels. It restores, at night, the energy produced during the day. The goal is to use local green electricity when we need it.

Dynamic Warehouse Map

Boosted by artificial intelligence, this solution offers slotting optimizations. Every day, it adjusts the picking routes by analyzing order history and making forecasts to reduce the travel of our pickers.


Smartivision is artificial intelligence at the service of zero-defect preparation thanks to data filmed by stereovision cameras. Smartvision reduces the error rate by 80%, digitizes the team leader’s position and enables to monitor the preparation of parcels by operators in real time.

Autonomous Stock Tracking Robot

Astrid is an AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) capable of performing a pallet rack inventory with productivity of 5,000 pallets per hour. It allows sites to do away with fiscal inventories and cycle counts and increases the quality of service and the productivity of forklift drivers. Designed by ID Logistics, this robot will be deployed at a dozen sites in 2023.

IoT, The Internet of Things

The IoT, or Internet of Things, is improving visibility into logistics operations. Connected sensors collect data. They have multiple uses (door opening control, power consumption monitoring, presence sensors, package counting, temperature control, dashboard, etc.). The TOF (Time Of Flight) sensor can, for example, measure the height of a pallet or trigger a replenishment when the minimum stock is reached.

Order Picking Robot

The Locus AMR assists operators in the picking process. Robots move autonomously from one location to another, avoiding long journeys for pickers. With this solution, it is the operator who performs the picking and the robot that moves. This collaborative process improves the productivity and workstation ergonomics.

Autonomous Mobile Robot

These AMRs are used to move shelves and pallets between a storage area and fixed picking stations. They allow for denser storage. The number of shelves and robots is scalable, which makes the solution highly flexible.

VR Training


VR Training is a virtual reality training tool. Learner is immersed in a fun experience that allows them to learn the right gestures in a stimulating and secure environment. Three training modules have already been developed at our sites and more are coming soon.

Tracking by Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to a new visual label technology, the identification codes of the goods are optimized to be read by any camera at long distance. They can be used to track products on the docks or to validate loads.