Our CSR initiative

Committed to sustainable logistics

Clear goals for an ambitious CSR policy

  • A strong focus on health and safety at work, based on training, innovation and empowerment of all company staff
  • Reduce our environmental footprint and guide our customers toward sustainable logistics solutions.
  • Encourage and promote local initiatives in all countries where we operate in line with our values, in order to fulfill our commitment to the Global Compact everywhere.

Our CSR objectives

- 0 %

Frequency and severity rates of occupational accidents in 2027

0 %

In-house promotion rate for site managers in 2030

+ 0 %

Employment rate of people with disabilities in 2025

- 0 %

Greenhouse gas emissions in 2030

0 %

Waste recovery rate in 2025

0 %

Sites involved in an environmental project with their customers in 2025

0 %

Countries engaged in a project with local communities in 2025

0 %

Suppliers signatories to the ID Logistics CSR – Responsible Procurement Charter

0 %

Country management committees trained in ethics

Social axis

Our team members at the heart of our growth

ID Logistics is firmly committed to its employees, in particular through:

  • Prioritization of occupational health and safety topics, based on training, innovation and empowerment of all company staff
  • Career paths that allow everyone to express their qualities and continue to progress and acquire skills
  • The desire to be an inclusive company that knows how to make a place for everyone, paying particular attention to people with disabilities

Environmental axis

Reduce the carbon footprint of our activities by 40% in 2030 excluding offsetting

Strong goals for us to become the leading logistics player in terms of respect for the environment and sustainable logistics solutions:

  • Significantly reduce our consumption and decarbonize our energy mix
  • Offer our customers low-carbon solutions throughout our relationship
  • Reduce and recover the waste generated at our logistics sites

Societal axis

Together, we are developing useful, ethical and meaningful activities and actions

Based on our values of entrepreneurship and solidarity, we actively support the implementation of local initiatives in all the territories where we operate
In addition, we ensure that the highest standards are applied to social and environmental issues in our 18 countries

Dedicated governance

A transparent approach applied at the highest level of the company

The oversight of our CSR strategy is ensured by a specific division within our Group: the CSR Department. Its implementation is the responsibility of the Group Executive Committee. Each of the Group’s subsidiaries follows a road map with individual objectives. Since 2022, CSR objectives have been integrated into managers’ annual objectives and adapted to the challenges of each function.
We are transparent when it comes to publishing the commitments and results of our CSR policy.
An overview of our CSR initiative is provided in our integrated report published each year.