Operational excellence

Collaborative management

Collective intelligence delivers performance

We develop collaborative management methods to improve our operational processes. They reduce organizational silos and combine all individual skills. Everyone plays a role in the process, which reinforces the commitment of employees and gives meaning to their work.

Short Interval Management (SIM)

A pillar of our continuous improvement approach

SIM uses short communication rituals (from 5 minutes to 1 hour depending on the level of responsibility) with the aim of devising concrete solutions to simple problems identified. Involving all the employees of a site, this problem-solving approach reinforces the autonomy, responsiveness and empowerment of teams at all hierarchical levels.

Customer workshops

Co-build innovative solutions with and for our customers

We set up collaborative workshops, called “customer workshops”, bringing together our customers and our teams to devise new levers to improve the performance of their supply chain. This method involves, among other things, an analysis of the value chain during “Gemba walks”, in order to determine the steps of the process to improve and prioritize.

Continuous improvement

A global programme: IDeLiver

Our continuous improvement approach, “IDeLiver”, is a compendium of lean management tools adapted to our activities, combined with good practices specific to our know-how. This approach has been co-constructed by operations staff for operations staff from a very pragmatic angle in order to allow rapid understanding and use in all countries.

Operations core models

Standards co-built and deployed at all our sites

To ensure a high level of operational excellence, our country operations departments work together to develop and implement core models tailored to each business sector and key account, while taking into consideration the local specificities of our sites. The IDeLiver program, the startup process, and our internal CID certification tool are just a few examples.

Process optimization

Our operational processes are optimized by our engineers

Our engineers work alongside our teams on the ground to improve our processes, from preparation to replenishment, as well as the placement of storage fixtures or the assignment of docks for reception or shipping.
Capitalizing on our know-how, we develop not only our own simulation and optimization tools, but also our own in-house training programs, such as the “Stock Management Academy” dedicated to stock management.

Operational excellence: one of our 4 values

“Our employees are committed to providing the best services and satisfying our customers every day. They strive to deliver a high-quality service in a secure environment, and to find ways to increase efficiency, speed and performance in constantly changing ecosystems, day after day.”
Laurent Nicastro, Executive Vice President Operations