In 2008, the group decided to adopt a private certification programme (CID) designed to provide a guarantee for its customers in France and abroad of control of operating and regulatory best practices.



  • Train all staff in processes defined with the client

  • Ensure continuity in the application of best practices

  • Set out formal working and conditions and working environments within a strict framework.

The CID programme involves all parties in defining their roles and responsibilities, and is designed to be pragmatic and progressive in order to adhere to changes as closely as possible.

Twice a year, each site is audited once internally, and once by an experienced external auditor.


    • 95% of sites are certified

    • 96% of sites comply with the required standards

    • 79% of sites have no compliance failures

    • 150 internal auditors trained


ID LOGISTICS also has the following certifications:

  • ISO 9002 – 9014 – 14001
  • Qualicert – CID – EuraCRP