Since it was founded, ID Logistics has won a number of prizes in several countries in recognition of its spirit of innovation

11 March 2014 – M&A award from the French Ministry of the Economy for the acquisition of CEPL

2014 – 2014 logistics company prize from MWM – Award for the best-performing company in 2013. (Brazil)

8 December 2014 – Silver prize in the “recruitment management” category of the Victoires du Capital Humain awards


2013 – Abralog prize – Award recognising ID Logistics for its relevant and innovative warehouse management solutions (Brazil)

27 September 2013 – Prix de l’Audace Créatrice awarded to ID Logistics by French President François Hollande


2012 – Rei prize – Award for the best initiative in the automotive industry from the angle of excellence and innovation (Brazil)

6 December 2012 – 2012 IPO award for NYSE Euronext


2011 – Autodata prize – Annual prize for the best logistics company in the automotive industry (Brazil)

2011 – GEMovl prize – Award for the best development of a logistics service provider for Ambev (Brazil)

18 January 2011 – Nominated (project in partnership with Carrefour and BT France) for the Les Rois de la Supply Chain 2011 awards organised by Supply Chain Magazine

Project: Pick-N-Go: Innovation through diverse preparation


2006 – 1st prize in the Volvo Logistics Award for retail (Brazil)

2008 – 1st prize in the ILOS Logistics Award for retail (Brazil)